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教科書可以有多美 The most beautiful Textbook in the World








On the windows surrounding the exhibition area, a blueish monster-like creature is hiding beneath. It makes its way through all kinds of ponds freely, and controls time and the lives of human beings. It seems like education is all about this that cultivates and forms today’s society. Where do the most beautiful textbooks come from? Besides the goal of bringing knowledge to the youngsters, educators should also consider the How and Why before putting into production. For example, a series of books were categorized as lifelong learning by Japan government, which contains crafts, housing, marriage, and so on. It is designed with no tendency towards any audience; overall, the design is elegant, clean, and can be added for more categories without losing its style.

​ In terms of the content, it goes without saying that it grows over time, especially in high school, when the content tripled all of a sudden, which can also be observed in the textbooks from Japan. But what makes the difference? Why is Japan considered outstanding? The vital reason should be the information design. Under such circumstance of huge volume of information, from deciding the length of the texts to combine photos extracted from different sources, the layout becomes way more difficult.

​ I couldn’t envy more of the new generation in Taiwan. A group of people are now dedicating themselves to the improvements of textbooks, including not just the content but design. It is my sincerest hope that questions such as “wouldn’t it be great if our textbooks are beautiful?’’ can be asked from every one of us.

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