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Brosmind台北訪談第二彈!Brosmind interview in Taipei pt.2

August 7, 2018

Brosmind兩兄弟Juan和Alejandro以Design Weekly的精彩訪談開啟在台北的旅程,
讓我們來看看究竟兩兄弟會和Design Weekly 擦出什麼火花???



Q1: 最喜歡的獨立專案跟商業專案?

A: 幾乎所有的個人專案對我們來說都非常特別。在創作個人專案時,我們得以嘗試不同的形式、媒材等等,所以這讓我們非常興奮。這次在台北的展覽物品就是其中一個讓我們很驕傲的獨立專案。

J: 因為我們都在是在工作之餘進行這些創作,所以當每次完成一樣,對我們來說,都是工作室裡的一次成功。因為我們得以運用這些空暇時間去實現自己的想法。


J: 我們同時也很喜歡這個商業案子,他是一家美國連鎖餐廳叫Beefsteak,專門供應健康餐點,而這些角色都是從蔬菜變化出來的。

A: 對,當我們給他們角色圖片時,餐廳把他們應用在空間中,包括牆面以及各種玻璃等等的平面上。所以你可以看見你的作品晉升到另一個層次,人們可以跟他們用不同的方式互動。也因為他是在一個空間,所以這些互動都是實體的,人們真的可以碰觸到他們,這真的非常有趣。Beefsteak是一個品牌,一個連鎖餐廳,這很令人興奮,因為我們常常在想:當我們不在了以後,這些角色會活得比我們還久。這樣的想法讓我們很開心,因為我們創作了很多角色。有一些會消失,不是因為我們沒空再創造更多背後的故事,便是沒興趣了。所以當你在這樣的條件下創作時:就是你給他們一些角色,而他們給這些角色展現的機會時,這樣的經驗讓我們很興奮。





Q1: Favorite personal project and commercial one?


A: Almost all the personal projects are special for us. We can try different forms and media, so this is really exciting for us. We are also really proud of the exhibition, you can say it’s our favorite personal project.

J: We create these projects in out spare time, so, every time we finished one of them, it’s a success in the studio, because we have time to build our personal ideas.

J: We also like this commercial one, it’s a restaurant in the States, called Beefsteak, it is specializing in healthy food. And the collection of the characters are from vegetables.

A: We gave them the pattern of the characters, then they applied it to the space: they have the walls in the restaurant, then they applied to the glass or different products. So you see your characters going to the next level, right? People can interact with them in different, many ways. It’s a space, so it’s something that’s physical. People actually can touch them, and this is really interesting. Since it’s a brand, and it’s a one of those chain stores; it’s really exciting that because we always think that after we die, our characters will last longer than us. These things make us happy, because we’ve created so many characters, and some of them just disappear, because we don’t have either more time to create more stories about them, or it’s no interests in them. So when you work on a project on this level, just give them characters and they give them the opportunities, it's exciting for us. 





Q2: 會不會擔心觀眾不了解他們插畫背後的意義?


J: 我們其實一直避免在我們的作品意義上過於表面。在此同時,我們也喜歡把更多詮釋加在作品本身。


A: 我們將近花了一生的時間在建立這個Brosmind風格,而這個風格是我們童年經驗的總和,因此這個非常私人。每一個工作、每一個專案中,都好像仍在我們的童年時期,所以我們想讓自己先獲得快樂;假如其他人也因此得到快樂,那非常棒。因為,假如你做這件工作,只是為了讓別人快樂,那你可能就已經走上創作的歪路了。



Q2: Have you ever worried whether the audience might not get what you’re implying?


J: We always tried to not being to literal on the meanings. At the same time, we really like to add more levels of understanding there.

A: We’ve been developing this style for our whole life, and it’s a combination for our kid's life. So it’s actually really personal. Every work, every project, it’s like we ‘re little kid, so we want to make us happy first. And if someone enjoy it, great, we’re happy, it’s gonna be better. Because if you do the things only to make people happier, not yours, then you’re gonna find yourself in a really weird path.






Q3: 跟客戶意見不合怎麼辦?


A: 現在,通常當客戶找上門,通常是他們已經花了一些心力,找過其他創作者,所以當他打電話來,就是對我們的風格非常喜歡,而且他們信任你。這個並不那麼常發生,有時候他們找一些人因為喜歡他們的風格,但是想嘗試不一樣的東西,這個時候你就要學會拒絕。在一開始,這對我們來說是極為困難的決定,但總有那麼時機,你會需要斬釘截鐵地拒絕一些人,因為他們的風格跟你不符。


A: 有時你會害怕,因為怕人家不會再打給你了,總是會有許多疑惑,因為你害怕親手搞砸自己的事業。但事實是,你必須忠於自己,即使是進行中的案子,假如有什麼地方你覺得行不通,你最好提出來。



Q3: How would you deal with the problem that clients don't agree with you?

A: Nowadays, when they come to us, they had made a previous effort to look for different people; when they call you, it is because they really like your style, and they trust you. Doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes they will reach out people that they like your style but they want you to do something different, then you gotta learn to say no. That was a really tough decision for us at the beginning, but there is a point when you gotta reject projects because they don’t fit your style.


A: You’re scared sometimes, you think they’re not gonna call you anymore. There are like a lot of doubts there, because you think you’re gonna ruin your business. But the truth is that, you gotta be loyal to yourself. Of it’s in the middle of the project, and if there’s something that isn’t working, you’d better say it. 











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