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Two-Dimensional Man: A Graphic Memoir

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Two-Dimensional Man: A Graphic Memoir

來自紐約的OOPS (Office of Paul Sahre) 平面設計工作室,其設計師 Paul Sahre 在去年出了這本回憶錄,內容闡述生長背景,到之後開始平面設計的心路歷程、及生活種種。而家庭在這本書裡佔了非常大一部分,或許這對應了在創作路上所經歷的種種,看似毫無關聯,卻也默默地影響著他的作品。

去年的冬天,UCONN的老師 Mark Zurolo 邀請了 Paul Sahre 來學校演講。那是我第一次知道這個人。班上好幾個美國同學睜大眼早早就佔了位子,買好書,準備在會後請設計師簽名。一問之下才發現是樂團 They Might Be Giants 的專案設計師;粉紅色的坦克車不只拓印在專輯封面,更出現在街頭:一個巨型的紙板坦克車。在演講中,他介紹了幾個自己做過的書封、專輯等等專案,除了作品非常精彩之外,他所強調的動手做更是體現在裡頭。他唸了一段這本書裡的序文,是關於他媽媽把自己青少年的惡魔畫作掛在家一進門之處,他們的心理疙瘩與家庭成員的情感。

作者除了是平面設計師,更是定義自己為作家。身為設計學習者,透過此書,在 Paul Sahre 的幽默中,我們可以透過此書重新獲得一些前進的力量。

The design studio based in NY, OOPS, aka Office of Paul Sahre, its designer Paul Sahre published this memoir last year, talking about his background in family, graphic design and life. Family becomes a great part in this book, which perhaps corresponds his way through graphic design, and seems unrelated but subconsciously affecting.

During the winter last year, my instructor at UCONN, Mark Zurolo, invited Paul Sahre to give a speech on campus. It was the first time I heard of him. Some of my classmates were already sitting on chairs with their eyes widely-open, holding this books in their arms, expecting the designer to show up. I soon knew that he was the project designer of the band They Might Be Giants: The pink tank not only appeared on their album cover, but also literally on street, with the size of a giant tank made of cardboards. In the speech, he introduced to us some of the book covers, albums, and works he made over the years. Apart from the great works, the spirit of craftsmanship also was emphasized during the process. He read part of the preface on the spot, of why his mom put a devil drawing of his of teenage onto the wall of front door, of their mindsets and affections connected to one another.

Paul Sahre not only is a graphic designer, but a writer by his definition. As a design learner, by walking through his words, sometimes humorous tone, we are able to gain strength to carry on and believe more in our choices.



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