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Spotify的綠是哪種綠? Spotify logo evolution


在Spotify現任CEO Daniel Ek當時要正式推出這個品牌時,設計師Christian Wilsson非常快速的設計出了一套識別系統,logo為主要的襯線字體並加上三條聲音符號在O上,並以三種色調作為變化,而成為了最初的視覺設定。

Earphones has become a necessity for citizens. Where does the music in your earphones come from? If you are familiar with the logo, then you must’ve played on some music produced from your favorite artist, for the behind lyrics, or even simply because of its bold identity and comp to join the Spotify family. No matter what reason you hold, Spotify is undoubtedly already an icon for the public.

Right about the time when the recent CEO Daniel Ek was about to lauch the product, Christian Wilsson, the designer of Spotify, had designed an identity system within a short period of time. The logo was made up of a main serif font and three wave symbols added on top of the O, with three color combinations being made to the primary visual preset.

photo credit: Spotify

往後,Christian Wilsson與公司內部重新審視了logo,並與紐約一家顧問公司合作,於2013年重新推出了目前我們所看到的標誌外觀:無襯線字體加上一個綠色圓形裡包覆著三條簡化過、並且加粗的音波造型。

2015年,圓圈的綠色做過些微調整(詳見新標誌之規範:https://developer.spotify.com/branding-guidelines/,從原本偏向青草之高亮度綠色變成明度較低的綠色(#1DB954 R30 G215 B96/C80 M0 Y80 K0)。這個轉變在當時造成了一些討論;雖然僅有少數人表達支持新顏色的誕生,但或許討論之激烈,也正代表了Spotify在大眾心中的地位:它不只是一個音樂交流品牌,更是有著一個自由、年輕與熱情的性格,在地鐵上、捷運、回家的路途上陪伴我們,讓我們擁有重新相信自我的價值的機會。又或許更是因為這樣的品牌價值,才造就了Spotify日益壯大的影響力。

Afterwards, Christian Wilsson revised the logo with a consultant company in New York, and announced the logo with what we ca see right now: Sans-serif font with a green circle surrounding three simplified and bolded wave symbols.

In 2015, the green was adjusted from a brighter green to a neo-like one. (#1DB954 R30 G215 B96/C80 M0 Y80 K0) The alteration caused several discussions on the Internet with only a few supporting voices online. The fierce debates happened at that time, however, that it means the importance of this brand for the users: it has surpassed mere brand but embedded a free, young, and enthusiastic symbol, which company us on subways, MRT, and the way back home; it enables us to believe in our own values via music. Or perhaps it is the bran value that makes Spotify who it is today.

See the identity system: https://developer.spotify.com/branding-guidelines/


See more process details in the interview below:


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