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很久沒做夢了 Undreaming


一踏進荒花,擺買整櫃整牆的各種zine與創作海報用極為清新的方式慢慢的浸透創作能量到我全身。而異星図鑑 A Field Guide to the Unknown的展覽就靜靜地在店面後的空間裡,像是另一個星球正運轉著,放射出不知名的化學物質,穿透每一個觀者的腦袋,好像我們也住在他的漫畫裡。

In the afternoon in Taipei City, between the pause of continual rains, I’ve decided to sneak into one of the alleys nearby Zhongshan Metro Stop.

As soon as I stepped into Wild Flower Bookstore, the abundance of zines and posters on walls and all kinds of platforms made me feel like bumped into a world of creation. And the exhibition A Field Guide to the Unknown laid quietly on the back of the store, which is like an another planet orbiting solely in this universe, emitting anonymous chemical substances, and penetrating the visions and brains of the visitors. It feels like we are living in his comics.







在日安焦慮的展覽裡頭展示了幾篇收錄於日安zine的作品,用最簡單的手稿紙,以釘子釘在木條上,一頁一頁的排列,慢慢形成一面牆的漫畫與感到焦慮的、淺意識般的故事內心。展出的手稿分別來自《恐竜図鑑》、《ROAD TO NOWHERE 世界邊緣之旅》以及《SOLUTION》這三件出版品,觀者可以在現場跟著每一個畫面的細節與手稿痕跡,感受著作者塗寫與擦拭之過程,不知不覺地進入主角內心,進入一個個像是夢的情境。

Not long after I left student life, I couldn’t help but feel like having been already losing something day by day; and the something is missing something as well. The anxious comes from also the feeling of being swollen by life, spitted out, swollen, and spitted out over and over again.

“This is good.,” “Not this one, but perhaps not too bad?"


“Have I eaten any veggie today?"

“What are the latest movies?"

I haven’t dreamed for a long, long time.

In the exhibition by cartoonist Morning Anxiety displays some of his works from zines. By using manuscripts fixed onto wood stripes, aligning pages by pages, the author created a wall full of comic stories and the inside of anxiety and subconscious self. The manuscripts come from his works in DINOSAUR FIELD GUIDE, ROAD TO NOWHERE, and SOLUTION. Visitors can easily dive into the cartoonist’s mind through every details and traces on each of the manuscript, and walk into dreams scenarios.



Perhaps the dinosaurs, creatures with no face, and mountains with multiple layers are what we face in daytime, which together planted a magical seed in our hearts. Some might turn into Cannibal flower, some become monsters having billions of eyeballs. They form what we are like on planet we don’t even know of.

The exhibition is like a mirror that makes us stop being numb to our surroundings, and see the planet in our heads clearly.

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