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People Watching Bad News


The Wiesbaden Biennale just ended couple days ago, which left not only the exhibits that haven’t been removed but the voices from people around the world.

期望成為作者之間對話平台的雙年展,本來是從1992年開始的Neue Stücke aus Europa衍伸而來,當時的歐洲社會有一些動盪,而這個活動成為了以自由為前提的對話場域。新一代的年輕策展人Martin Hammer和Maria M. Ludewig將這樣的形式重新設計,以歐洲人的視角出發,而成為了這次所介紹的威斯巴登雙年展。

今年2018為第二屆的威斯巴登雙年展,第一次在2016年以THIS IS NOT EUROPE為主題,策劃了一連串的視覺及活動,今年則是BAD NEWS。在上個月的記者會上,如真實報紙般一捆一捆的丟在現場,人手一報,大家都在看著封面大大寫上BAD NEWS的報紙,裡頭以假新聞的形式介紹出這次展覽的所有活動,不論是活動視覺或是當場的整體效果皆非常有力。

In an eye to become a platform for discussions among authors, the biennale was actually from Neue Stücke aus Europa back in 1992, when Europe was going through a time of upheaval. Thus, the activity has became a dialogue on the premise of freedom speech. The new generation of curators, Martin Hammer and Maria M. Ludewig, redesigned the original form and started from the perspective of Europeans, which formed what we see today as the Wiesbaden Biennale.

Before this year’s biennale, the second year, in 2016, the title was designated THIS IS NOT EUROPE above a series of visuals and activities. BAD NEWS is the title of 2018. On the press conference last month, the program handouts were designed like real newspapers with piles and piles stacked together, randomly thrown onto the ground; people were reading the handout like newspapers entitled BAD NEWS. The newspaper was composed of programs covered up in the form of fake news. It goes without saying that both event visuals and overall live atmosphere were as striking as they could be.

兩屆的主題雖然不同,但都是由同樣的策展精神及視覺設計師所建構而出。Fons Hickmann是幕後的設計師,到他的instagram上,我們可以看見他在活動策劃早期對這個主題下的不同視覺定義,而建構出的不同主視覺。而背後都有不同的設計想法與脈絡。這些海報其實在他的圖片敘述裡,都叫做「sketch」草稿而已。從這些草圖裡的色彩計畫到最後的回歸黑與白的設計,我們看見的是風格更為反叛、直接的風格,這更貼切地呼應了威斯巴登雙年展的理念與宗旨。

Although the titles differ from each other, the spirit of curating and visual designer are the same. Fons Hickmann is the guy. If we browse through his instagram, we can see different key visuals derive from various definitions he came up with during the early phase of preparation, which have a variety of design thinkings and thread of thoughts. In fact, these posters are illustrated “sketch” in the text boxes on the platform. From the color scheme in these drafts to black-and-white final poster appearance, we see a more dissident and direct style transformation, which fits perfectly to the concept of Wiesbaden Biennale.

他們的網站也設計得非常的帥 Go check out their awesome website:http://www.wiesbaden-biennale.eu/en/

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