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一日工作室 A Day in Da Studio x NB Studio

JT: The Drum Awards已經成為創意圈中著名的獎項之一。NB當初是同時做了它的識別以及講座的設計嗎?

AD: 沒錯。The Drum一開始是一本行銷及設計雜誌,他們深信行銷可以改變整個世界。十年前,他們開始這個叫做The Drum Awards的獎項,其中包括設計獎項、行銷類、更含括各種不同的領域。

我們所做的事如果一言以敝之:基本上我們視覺化The Drums,就是字面上的鼓的意象。

JT: The Drum Awards has become on of the most prestigious award for people or agencies working in the creative field. NB did and worked on the identity and the awards itself?

AD: Yes. So The Drum was originally a marketing and design magazine. They said that marketing can change the world. And about ten years ago, they started this award called the Drum Awards, and they doing designs, they doing marketing, they doing always different kind of areas.

It’s a very simple idea of what we’ve done: We basically visualized the what the Drums, which is the drum.

The Drum總計20種獎項,








So The Drum they do 20 awards,

3 continents,

they do 4938 entries,

there are 380 judges,

there are 5802 guests,

and 647b gongs they made yearly,

there are 2.1 tons of trophies, so we worked on many many iterations of what this award or this gong could look like: in different shapes, different materials, and formats.


We like the weight of it, we like the heaviness of it. Feels like you’ve really won something.

JT: NB一開始怎麼成立的呢?

AD: Nick、我跟另一個傢伙叫做Ben。我們在Pentagram相遇的。當時我們已經在Pentagram工作好幾年了,離開後,我們創立了NB,那是22年前的事情了。

JT: How was NB formed in the first place?

AD: There was Nick, myself, and this guy called Ben. We met in a design company named Pentagram. So we’ve worked for Pentagram for many many years, when we left, we set up NB. That was 22 years ago.

JT: NB作為一個創意、獨立的設計公司,是如何跟客戶溝通的呢?

AD: 專案一開始,我們叫它Creative Courage Day,也就是我們當天會把工作室暫時關閉起來,跑過所有設計師在這個特定專案上的想法,之後客戶會拿著茶進來,雙方一起進行工作坊形式的討論。之後我們會組成客戶隊跟NB隊,也就是設計師隊。兩組人馬會花上一整天的時間相處,之後設計師們就會帶開幾個小時。雙方隊伍都被賦予一個題目。當大家回工作室時,我們就會將所有的設計都放在地板上,看看誰最得最好。常常客戶是想出超出我們預期的設計。


JT: How do NB, as a creative, independant company, communicate with clients?

AD: In the beginning of a project, we called it Creative Courage Day, when we closed the studio

down, we’d go all the designers ideas on the particular project, and the client comes in with their

tea, we doing workshop together. So then we split up their team for client’s team and ours for

designer’s group. And we’d spend the whole day together, and the designers would go off a

couple of hours. We have a challenge between them. And we come back with all the designs on

the floor, and we see who’s done the best. They really kind of kicks the boat out our harbour.

That is really a good way to get to know the client, while the client gets to know us about our process.

JT: NB有任何辦公室的習慣/辦公室文化嗎?

AD: 我認為NB一直都擁抱著辦公室的文化,所有的設計師都來自工作室暫時的職缺,我們也有一個外面的團隊。我們會一天相處8、9、10個小時,有點像是一個缺陷家庭的運作。我們會一起做些好玩的事、有些人會一起做瑜伽,但我們每天都會一起用餐。

JT: Does NB has any office routine/office culture?

AD: I think NB has always embraced really really strong culture, all of our designers have come from studio placements, we have a crew outside. We’d gather at the studio for 8,9,10 a day, which is like a little dysfunctional family. So we’d go out and have a lot of fun together. Some do yoga together. We eat together every day.


Alan Dye: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBpambvDfCY Laura Bowman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqCJylS7q3s

Sam Pittman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbBaxJcmJRY

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