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WHO can help? Taiwan. This Attack Comes From Taiwan Fundraising project 設計與大眾

WHO can help

Taiwan Can Help.


WHO can help?


On April 14th, a sector at The New York Times headlines:

WHO can help?


picture from Aaron Nieh FacebookPage


Taiwan has shown the world with its outstanding performance in facing the coronavirus crisis without getting any relevant information provided by WHO, who refused to take the pandemic seriously in early stage and disregard a kind warning from Taiwan in December 2019, stating the Wuhan Virus patients were isolated for treatment in China at that time. Although been pulled out of the WHO since 1972, Taiwan maintains its high quality in medical system, which also can be seen during this difficult time for every country.


Initiated by a Taiwanese designer Aaron Nieh and popular youtuber Ray Du, ”ThisAttackComesFromTaiwan” fundraising project aimed to showcase what Taiwan can do to provide help during the pandemic and pay tribute to all the health care contributors, doctors, nurses...etc.


People take part in public affairs through a fundraising project to buy a place in the headline section of New York Times, which undoubtedly symbolises is a showcase of collaboration between designers and the public.

網站這邊請 Find the website here: https://taiwancanhelp.us/?fbclid=IwAR1dopBdHtCjJdRldYzZkFw-hj5v1A9DekNZCdEajGZBQ3_3pp6BagJiczY

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